Potty Trained…It’s About Time!

My son is finally potty trained. I originally introduced him to the potty last summer just when he was just shy of turning two years old. He showed interest in the potty, but not enough to ask to go. He also couldn’t recognize the need to go at that time. Throughout the school year, my husband and I worked on potty training with him, but since our schedules were somewhat crazy, there wasn’t consistency. As soon as the school year ended, I was able to give 100% towards potty training. Within 2-3 weeks, my son was completely potty trained (at least during the day). Below are the basic steps I followed in order to potty train my son.

  1. Read potty books to my son. Since he loves Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, one of the books I bought for him was a Daniel Tiger book about using the potty with a button that makes a flushing sound when pushed. I also read him
  2. Showed him how to use the potty and introduced him to his very own potty.
  3. Began sitting him on the potty occasionally when I thought he might need to go like a few minutes after dinner.
  4. Allowed him to pick out his own big boy underwear at the store.
  5. Allowed him to wear his big boy underwear all day as long as we were home.
  6. Began sitting him on the potty every 30-45 minutes until he recognized that he needed to use the potty and started asking. Each time he used the potty, he added a sticker to a rewards chart. When he filled up the chart he would get a prize.
  7. Once he mastered his little potty, I introduced him to the grown up potty (my desperate attempt to stop using diapers and pull ups while we were out of the house).
  8. Introduced him to potties in stores and restaurants.
  9. To wean him from relying on prizes to use the potty, I would have conversations with him about other things to distract him or pretend to have misplaced the stickers for his chart once in awhile until he completely forgot about receiving prizes for using the potty.

In the beginning, it was very stressful and time-consuming. I really thought it would take forever. But once I was home everyday with him, it seemed to be much easier.


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