Feeding Frenzy Part 3

So, mealtime has become quite interesting with my son. Obviously, when he was a newborn I was unable to eat my food at the same time because I would be holding him and the bottle. Once he started solids, I couldn’t eat my food easily at the same time because I would have to feed him his food. So from the time his diet became mainly solids at about one year up until a few months ago, I would feed him and then I would eat my dinner after and allow him to watch his favorite TV show. Well a few months ago, he started excelling at using a fork and spoon. For about a week or two, I was able to let him feed himself and I ate at the same time. Then more trouble started. If I tried to eat at the same time and let him control feeding himself he would stop eating to play with his food and throw it all over the floor. I went back to eating after he was finished eating; although I still allowed him practice with using the utensils. Even though he would eat a large meal, he would stare at me eating as if he wanted some of my food. Lately, I started eating at the same time as him, but when I do that he refuses to eat his food and wants my food even if I am eating the exact same thing. He has recently learned the word “please” so he will start saying “please, please” over and over again until I give him some of my food. I would hate to refuse to give him some of the food since he is saying “please” and I want him to learn and practice his manners.


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