My son used to be very quiet and well-behaved in church, but now that he’s entering the toddler age not so much. When I took him to church today, I attempted to keep him with me during the entire worship service. He was still well-behaved, but definitely not quiet. He kept saying “Mickey” because he loves Mickey Mouse and also “hot dog” because of the hot dog dance at the end of the “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” show. He wasn’t making continuous noise, but when he did say something he was very loud. Also, there was a little girl sitting in front of us and whenever she looked at my son, he would start laughing and shouting. Then he started saying “Mama, mama, mama” very loudly. When I looked at him he gave me a kiss and started laughing even louder. I was able to keep him in the worship service until the children’s sermon. Then he tried walking away from me and fussing if I held on to him, so I ended up taking him to the nursery for the remainder of the service. I’m still going to try to keep him with me as long as possible during every worship service so that it becomes more familiar to him and he can learn early on how to behave in church.


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