Little Genius

My son is so smart. Yesterday I was playing with him in his room and started getting tired. I laid down on the floor and said. “I want to take a nap, but it’s so cold I need a blanket”. My son walked over to his crib and pulled his blanket out through the slats of his crib. He came over and put the blanket on top of me. Then I said, “I need a stuffed animal. Can you get me the white teddy bear from your toy box that grandma gave to you?” and he walked over to his toy box, found his white teddy bear, and brought it over to me. I was speechless by his understanding of everything I said. It amazes me to see how much and how fast he learns.


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  1. confabulationsbybritt
    Feb 26, 2015 @ 16:12:19

    That is such a joy! My son has been on the same stepping stone. We bought him two mickey mouse cups to play in the tub with, anyways he set them on a shelf and walked away then his dad said “Aiden man can you bring me the two cups” he turned around and brought them to dad and walked away… we were in awe. The simple things


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