Too Fast

I never realize just how fast my little boy is growing up until I look back through pictures of him. Even pictures from just last month look so different from the way he looks now. He is almost 1 1/2 years old and as I looked through the pictures today from the day he was born until pictures I took this week, it brought a tear to my eye thinking how fast the time is going by and how I miss some of the earlier days. I remember when he first started smiling and he had the most precious toothless smile, I had thought to myself “That is the most beautiful smile in the world”. While his smile is still beautiful, I miss those toothless smiles that I can only see in pictures now. When I think back to the first few months of his life that were very difficult because of all the crying and lack of sleep, sometimes I miss being able to hold that little baby who could easily fall asleep in my arms. Now he won’t sit still long enough to fall asleep in my arms. I am not ready to have a second child yet, but sometimes I feel I am just because I want to experience the joy of some of those moments again that I had with my son before he outgrew them. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of new, just as wonderful, moments that I have with my son each day as he grows older, but the first year of his life just flew by so fast that I wish I could freeze time to enjoy each moment a little bit longer.


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