Terrible Twos

Well, I think my son is entering his terrible twos a bit early. Lately, every evening he has started throwing a tantrum during dinner. Yesterday he had a tantrum when I wouldn’t let him dump his plate of spaghetti on his head. Then, when he was finished eating, I tried to clean of his face like I usually do and he threw a fit. Later, I gave him a bath, and he fought with me when I tried to get him out. He kept leaning forward making it difficult for me to pick him up. Trying to get him to lay still so I could put his diaper on before he peed everywhere took a lot of effort. Then he fussed when I tried to put on his pajamas because he wanted to play with his toys. He ended up going to bed about 30 minutes later than usual because of his tantrums. People say age three is the worst, but my son is almost 16 months and already having these fits. I think I need to get advice from other parents on how they handle these tough toddler times.


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