Christmas 2014

This Christmas was my son’s second Christmas which was so exciting now that he’s 15 months old instead of 3 months old. He was more aware of what was happening. We ended up buying him too many toys. About a month before Christmas, my husband and I were talking about how we hadn’t bought much for him. Then all those Black Friday sales made us go a little crazy. We found so many good deals online for toys that I had wanted to buy him. Of course, when Christmas came he was more interested in the wrapping paper, the boxes, and all of his books. One of his toys is a Fisher-Price doctor set. He loves carrying around the stethoscope and blood pressure cuff. Sometimes I pretend to check his heart and blood pressure and sometimes I pretend he is the doctor and he has to check my heart and blood pressure. He loves it. One of his other gifts was a Little Tikes basketball net that can be adjusted to his height. Well, he doesn’t know how to shoot the ball yet, but after I shoot the ball he crawls over to it, picks it up, crawls to me, and hands it to me. Then, the other day he rolled the ball to me for the first time. He and I have been playing our own version of basketball.


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