Breaking Out

For the last week, my son has been breaking out on his back. I know it’s not a reaction to new foods because I made sure I didn’t introduce new foods once I first noticed the break out. I haven’t used any new or different products on him. When I called the pediatrician’s office, the nurse said there’s not much that can be done unless he starts having respiratory problems. The strange thing is that it comes and goes. When he wakes up his back is clear and then all I will do is pick him up and within a minute his back is breaking out. My husband and I thought maybe it was heat rash, but part of me doubts that. When his back is broken out there are about four or five spots on his back that look like big pimples with red around them. Then when he’s not broken out there are small dots where the pimple looking things were. There doesn’t seem to be any common thing that leads to when he breaks out. I sure hope it’s nothing serious. I pray for my son every night because he means the world to me.


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