First Days

The two days I spent in the hospital after my son’s birth were very emotional. First of all, I was completely in love with my son. It was like no love I have ever known before in my life. Second, I felt complete relief that the labor and delivery pains were over. Third, I felt sad that I couldn’t take care of my son. My body was extremely sore from the birth, and I could barely get out of the bed. Fourth, I felt irritable from lack of sleep and having constant disruptions by nurses and doctors.

The day after my son’s birth, I was so exhausted and knew it was in my son’s best interest for me to send him to the hospital nursery. It was a difficult decision though because I felt like I was neglecting my son by doing that; however, my pain was so great that I knew I wouldn’t be able to take care of him. Plus, I needed to get some sleep so that I wouldn’t fall asleep while holding him. Of course, once he was in the nursery, I had more of those disruptions by the nurses, the lactation consultant, and my husband’s cousin who works at that hospital.

The hospital kept me for two days after the birth. Although I wanted to be in the comfort of my own bed, part of me did not want to leave the hospital because I really enjoyed the help I got with taking care of my son.


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